Dedicated Care for Our Veterans

At Hospice of the South Plains, we understand the profound sacrifices made by our nation’s heroes. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond providing exceptional care; we take immense pride in supporting veterans.

We Honor Veterans

You’ve laid everything on the line for us. By serving our country in the armed forces, you’ve demonstrated a commitment to our way of life and a willingness to sacrifice whatever was necessary to make sure that our way of life is preserved and protected. You’ve endured years of sacrifice, separation, discomfort, danger, and in some cases serious injury. You’ve seen friends and comrades die in the line of duty. You willingly took on these challenges as acceptable risks in doing your job–too often with too little thanks from the very people you protected.

A Commitment to Our Heroes

Now, Hospice of the South Plains is here to lay it on the line for you.

We consider the opportunity to serve our veterans an honor and we consider whatever service we may render as the very least we can do for you – who has already done so much for us. To us, service to veterans is a sacred trust. For you, this means receiving the best we can give, given in a way that respects your place of honor and ensures your dignity.

Our Promise to Veterans

​Knowing you is a privilege, and offering our hospice services to you is an honor–our small way of saying “thank you” for your service to us.

Delivering excellence in everything we do!

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